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Popular Party Menu from the Best Local Seafood Restaurants in Houston, TX

A survey has revealed that the most popular food choices are related to seafood.  This delicacy is loved by everyone making it one of the most consumed proteins in the USA.  As people prioritize their health and want to consume a balanced healthy diet, seafood is an obvious choice to consider.  This protein perfectly fits in any dish and is gaining popularity all around the world. Prawns, fish, and crabs all fall under this protein category.  Here at 7Spice, we offer you the best seafood that will not only give you needed health benefits but will also satisfy your cravings.  Come visit us at the best seafood restaurant in Houston, TX.

With the popularity of seafood growing, so does its consumption.  Particularly, the demand of shrimps is rising and is a bellwether for other seafood.  Seafood is also a refreshing choice for big gatherings and events.  It will take your party to the next level.  The boring pizzas and chicken wings will be no match.  In this blog, we will explore different seafood choices you should consider for your next party tray.  What’s better is that they are all readily available at 7Spice Cajun Seafood, where you can find the best seafood in Houston, Texas.

1. Catfish/Tilapia

Our food is all made-to-order.  We believe this practice makes 7Spice unique and stand out from the rest.  Our catfish and tilapia are made in the very same way.  We dip them in our special house blend of batter and then fried thoroughly so every bite will be perfectly crisp.  They will make the perfect addition to your next party or gathering.  Best of all, they can be found here at 7Spice, the best seafood in Houston, Texas.

2. Shrimps

According to surveys, the USA is hands-down the largest purchaser of shrimps, with an increasing number to date.  Americans’ consumption and love of shrimps are on the rise.  The main reason why people are buying and eating shrimp is because of its delicious taste. Whether you are grilling them or enjoying a cool shrimp cocktail, they can be shared and will be a favorite at your next gathering.  They will be the talk of the party!

3. Boudin Balls

Boundin ball is classic Cajun.  The word Boundin means “sausage”, “blood sausage”, or “entrails”.  Each person has their own take on the Boudin ball but the basic ingredients are pork, rice, onion, and seasoning.  You can find some with liver and other pork offal.  At 7Spice, we have our version of this classic dish.  Our Boudin balls have the perfect blend of ingredients combined with our special seasoning and then fried to perfection ready to be served.  This starter makes the perfect addition to your next gathering.  They are easily shared and will leave your guests wanting more!    

4.  Chicken Tenders

Tired of the chicken wings?  Try our chicken tenders!  They are perfectly battered and fried to perfection.  Our tenders are crispy on the outside and perfectly moist in the inside.  Kids and adults alike will not get enough of them. 

Get Your Next Party Tray At 7Spice Cajun Seafood!

If you are looking for new refreshing choices for your next party or gathering, you’ve come to the right place.  We have shrimps, catfish, tenders, and Boundin balls ready for you.  We cook all of our food when they are ordered.  You will never find stale old food under heat lamps.  We are the best seafood restaurant in Houston, TX.  While you’re there, check out other items on our menu!