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Satisfy Your Desire for Seafood this Fall

Seafood is a commonly shared delicacies enjoyed by people worldwide.  Fall is the perfect season indulge in it.  This fall, come enjoy the tastiest seafood at the best seafood restaurant in Houston, Texas.  We are sure you don’t need much convincing but if you did, this post is for you.

Here Is Why You Should Try Seafood in the Fall

For several reasons, consuming seafood is especially recommended in the fall. It is a superfood full of minerals and healthy nutrients; below are a few reasons to visit 7Spice Cajun Seafood, the best seafood restaurant this fall. 

1. It Helps You Stay Positive

Seasonal affective disorder has evolved over the last ten years from a theory to a fact recognized by doctors and psychologists. Most of us are vitamin D deficient because of shorter days and less exposure to the sun.  It has a significant role in the widespread of seasonal depression. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundance in seafood and help improve cardiovascular health.  Seafood offers natural levels of Vitamin D and this vitamin has been found to improve mental wellness.

2. Seafood Is Good for Your Heart

Coronary illness is one of the main causes for death in the West, and the colder weather overburdens your heart.  Consuming the recommended amount of seafood can reduce your chances of developing conditions like hypertension, abig reason for cardiovascular failures and strokes.  In addition, seafood can help reduce the risk of developing arterial hardening brought on by decrease in physical activity.

3. It Can Decrease the Chance of Catching the Cold and the Flu

Fall comes, and so do the sniffles.  This is one of the reasons why seafood should be consumed abundantly in the cooler seasons.  Nutrient properties that are found in seafood are helpful in keeping us strong and healthy.   Iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and iodine are found in seafood.  These minerals help keep your immunity strong and you healthy.

4. It Is Beneficial For Our Skin

Your skin suffers from the effects of the cold weather either directly or indirectly.  Omega 3-fatty acids found in seafood can improve the function of the membrane, giving your skin cells the chance to lock in water and creating softer looking skin.

5. Seafood Helps Lessens the Symptoms of Arthritis

Many arthritis symptoms worsen during the fall and winter seasons.  Anyone who regularly deals with joint or muscle pain understands how crippling it can be.  The trusted omega-3 fatty acid helps lower inflammation and eases arthritis symptoms.  Consuming omega-3 rich food like seafood gives you a strong defense against joint pain and inflammation.  Get some amazing seafood at 7Spice Cajun Seafood, the best seafood restaurant in Houston, TX.

6. Perfect for Gatherings

With the Fall in full swing and Winter around the corner, think seafood for your next family gathering or office party.  Imagine a platter full of seafood goodness ranging from boiled shrimps, fried tilapia, to juicy snow crabs.  Your food will be the talk of the party!  We offer other items perfect for sharing such as chicken tenders and Boudin balls.  All of this, and more, can be found at 7Spice Cajun Seafood, the best seafood food restaurant in Houston, Texas.

Who We Are

7Spice Cajun Seafood is a fast-casual restaurant chain founded in Missouri City, Texas, in 2011. The “7” in our name refers to the 7 most commonly found spices in our recipes.  We are committed to serving our customers delicious, high quality food at a reasonable price.  Our food is all made to order.   As we continue to expand, our dedication to food quality and customer service remains unchanged.  Visit us at one of our 16 locations for some Amazin’ Cajun.