7Spice Cajun Seafood Restaurant, Houston


What makes 7spice cajun seafood boil platters so irresistible?

Are you in search for some famous seafood restaurants in Houston, TX? Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey through the tasty world of Cajun cuisine at 7Spice Cajun Seafood.  We are known for our made-to-order seafood selections.  Picture succulent seafood infused with the rich and lively flavors of Louisiana, all ready to awaken your taste buds. From the first bite, you’ll be transported to the heart of Cajun cooking, where every ingredient is a story, and every dish is a masterpiece.  Prepare to savor the magic of Cajun flavors in every bite.

The Delicious Secret of 7Spice’s Cajun Seafood Boil

Indulge in the exquisite adventure of a seafood platter at your go-to best seafood restaurant in Houston.  7Spice Cajun Seafood is where a symphony of the best seafood selection, homemade sauces, and Cajun flare awaits you. Visit us to discover the delectable difference of our delicious shrimp and juicy snow crab.

1. Sauce is Boss!

We make all of the seafood boil sauces in house using the best ingredients.  Our boil seafood is tossed in one of the mouth-watering sauces at the heat level of your choice.  Whether it is the famous 7Spice Sauce or the rich Garlic Butter Sauce, you simply can’t go wrong.  Want to take it up a notch?  Add a 7Spice Butter sauce to your order; you can thank us later.       

2. High-Quality Seafood 

We believe high-quality food can be both delicious and affordable at the same time.  Our shrimp is chemical-free and has no preservatives.  We don’t start cooking the food until it is ordered.  You’ll never find stale old food sitting under heat lamps.       

3. Perfect for Sharing

Don’t know what to bring to your next family get together or office party?  Now imagine everyone feasting on a platter of our famous EZ Peel Shrimp, corn, potatoes, and sausage.  Our boiled seafood come as combos or by the pound.  Enjoy your company and leave the cooking for us.  

Come Check Us Out! 

So, what makes the seafood at 7Spice Cajun Seafood so amazing? Come and try it for yourself.  We don’t skimp on quality and taste for price.  We pride ourselves in the food and service we provide our customers each and every day.